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Jacquard Woven Wall Tapestries


Turn a picture, logo or piece of custom artwork into an Elegant tapestry Wall Art for Corporate Décor! These come in various sizes from small 26”x34” to as big as 54”x80” standard sizes. Custom sizes can be made with maximum dimension on one of the sides being 54”. These come finished with back lining, rod pockets, weight rods at the bottom. Famous for their unique rich texture it adds to the artwork when produced in such grand format, this product is sure to turn heads in any place.

Main Features:

  • Soft 100% Cotton
  • Available in four sizes:
    26″x34″,54″x40″,54″x66″,54″x 80″
  • Made in the USA!
  • Ships in 4 to 5 Weeks
  • Never fades
  • Triple Layered Jacquard Woven
  • Artwork is woven in
Jacquard Woven Wall Tapestries


QTY 1-6

QTY 7-13

QTY 14-25

QTY 26-50

QTY 51-99

QTY >99

26″x34″ $181.98 QUR QUR QUR QUR QUR
40″x54″ $209.98 QUR QUR QUR QUR QUR
54″x66″ $279.98 QUR QUR QUR QUR QUR
54″x80″ $338.00 QUR QUR QUR QUR QUR


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