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Polar Fleece Banners


Professionally hemmed large format Polar Fleece Banners with Grommets applied to each corner (or per customer needs). The high definition, full color digital process of dye sublimation ensures matching to a wide gamut of colors without compromising clarity and detail. Choose from either 50” x 60” or 60” x 80” banner sizes! Economically priced, highly durable, reusable, wrinkle free – a popular solution for variety of applications such as trade-shows, shop floor promotions, promotional displays!

Imprinted in the USA.
Polar Fleece Banners


QTY 1-25

QTY 25-100

QTY 101-200

QTY 201-500


50″ x 60″  $51.00  $49.00  $48.00  $47.00  $46.00
60″ x 80″  $68.00  $67.00  $66.00  $65.00  $64.00


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